Have you reached a certain level as a chess player but now you don’t seem to be improving?

What you need is a chess coach to help you grow as a chess player and improve your understanding of the chess game.

The chess coaches here in South Africa will help you achieve your desired improvement as a chess player.

Chess coaching in South Africa is very popular and many high rated chess players in South Africa are part time and full time chess coaches. The level of chess coaching you find in South Africa is very wide. There are intermediate chess coaches, advanced chess coaches, elite chess coaches and master chess coaches. Chess coaches in South Africa are available for training chess students in person and online. The chess coaches are available at different coaching rates per hour, so you should be able to find a chess coach in your price range.

How to find a chess coach in South Africa.

The first thing you need to understanding when it comes to your chess, is that as an individual it is difficult for you to determine what you need in order to get to the next level of your chess. That is why it is important to find a coach who is much stronger than you (by at least 200 rating points), has more experience than you, and knows what it takes to get to the chess level you want to achieve.

When finding a chess coach it is a good idea to get some insight from their previous or current students to understand what they are like as a chess coach and person.

Experience is an important factor to consider when looking for a chess coach. The experienced chess coach will know how to find solutions for many chess problems. The experienced chess coach will know how to communicate their ideas and make you understand the ideas they are teaching.

The coach should also be able to analyse your chess games and find out your weaknesses and come up with a good training program for you to eliminate those weaknesses.

The most important thing when looking for a chess coach is that you should only start to look for one once you are willing to do the work required to improve as a chess player. Chess coaches are not miracle workers. It will take effort from you as the student for true and long lasting success to be achieved.

Where can you find a chess coach in South Africa.

There are many places to find chess coaches in South Africa.

The first place where you can find a chess coach is your local chess club. You can choose an experienced player from the chess club who you have good relations with.

If you don’t live near a chess club then you can find chess coaches on the internet and on the South African chess forums on Facebook. You post a message expressing your interest in a chess coach and communicate with people who respond to your inquiry. Some coaches also generally advertise their chess coaching business, so you can communicate with them directly.

The other place to find a chess coach is at a chess tournament. Most of my chess students I have met at chess tournaments.

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What are the coaching rates in South Africa?

The average coaching rate in South Africa is R257 per hour.

The prices for chess lessons vary depending on the chess coach, but you will be able to find a chess coach regardless of your financial situation because some chess coaches in South Africa are willing to coach for free!

Most local chess clubs that are in high density communities have free chess coaching and regular chess club practice games.

It is important for you to find a chess coach if you have serious plans to become a very strong chess player. Without a chess coach your chess progress will be unstable and frustrating. The biggest help a chess coach gives you is teaching you what you NEED in order to improve. You should consider getting a chess coach now.

If you are not sure where you stand as a chess player, why not make use of our free chess lesson where we assess what you NEED and recommend a suitable training programme to help you improve.

As always keep chessing!

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