Kickstart Challenge

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This free online course is designed to help give your chess game a kickstart. It is comprised of short and powerful lessons of roughly 10 minutes each.

This course is a great way to start your journey towards improving your rating and strength as a chess player.


This course is made up of 14 lessons. So if you watch one video every day it will take you 14 days to complete.

After every video there is a short 5-question quiz designed to help you see if you understand the lesson.

The entire course should take you no more than 4 hours to complete.


If you complete the course within 14 days and get 80% you are entitled to an Elite Chess certificate and special free prize:

Free Online Chess Lesson worth R300!

Once you have completed it simply email [email protected] to redeem your certificate and prize.

If you do not get 80% for the course the first time around you can redo the course until you do get 80% and then claim your certificate and prize!


Please register as a student before you enroll for this course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Chess foundations
  • Basics of Chess

Topics for this course

14 Lessons4h

1. Chess Board Visualisation

Lesson 1: Chess board visualisation – How does it work?00:07:43
Lesson 1 Quiz

2. The Rules of Chess

3. Chess Game Goals

4. King & Knight vs King’s Position

5. Chess Opening Rules

6. Calculating Powerful Chess Moves

7. Understanding Your Opponent


9. The Key to Chess Success!

10. Combining Tactics

11. Finding the BEST Move!

12. Checkmate!

13. Master the Endgame!

14. BONUS: How to become a Chess Master!

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Very good lessons, everything is well explained and summarized for you.The course is made easily for everyone to understand and complete. Great concepts explained. Stimulates the desire to keep learning more. Keep up the good work Sir. Always keep Chessing. 💯💯🙏


Target Audience

  • This course is for any chess player that wants to make sure that they are fully equipped with all the key foundational chess knowledge.
  • I highly recommend players with a CHESSA rating 0 - 1400 to do this course.